A word about preferences

In the spirit of full disclosure, I think it is appropriate to give a brief word about my personal bread preference; I do this not to say that my bread reviews have no universal value or cannot be universally appreciated, but only to remind you all, dear readers, that we each do come with a set of accumulated attitudes and predilections from our time on earth thus far, attitudes that determine what breads we may find desirable. Of course, sometimes attitudes should be overcome and sometimes they should be respected, and the task before all of us is figuring out which bread-beliefs fall into which category.

  1. I was raised in a family that was definitely a whole-grain, whole-wheat family, so my choices tend to skew in that direction. I can still enjoy a good white bread, but it has to be really convincing.
  2. Sometimes white bread hurts my teeth or gives me that weird tingly/pain feeling in the side of my jaw/cheek.
  3. I very much enjoy bread with nuts. Exception: Hazelnuts, I despise them.
  4. Not a fan of breads of middle thickness.