Harry Malz-Mehrkornbrot

price: 99 cents @ Kaufland

eaten with: Avocado, melted cheese, plain cheese

the good: light, goes well with salt???!! Think would also go well with eggs.

the bad: have to split in half to toast, very aggressive brown sirup colorIMG_20171118_151432735

qualities: Wider, oval-esque design. Warm brown color with hints of reddish brown. Nice small seeds on top. The crust doesn’t feel like it matches the rest of the bread. If the slices were a tiny bit thicker I think it would be better; right now they’re an in-between size, not thin like a more Northern/Finnish toast but not thick like your Rustikal varieties. Seems like the bread really doesn’t know what it wants to be.

Really just the plainest of plain. No standout characteristics. Average taste, average size, average thickness. Doesn’t taste like anything. Don’t see what the point would be with this bread.

reservations: I don’t like it when breads toast this way- with two harder layers on the outside but still some smush on the inside. Poor bread design.

packaging/ presentation: A plastic bag with a cheery baker on the front. Presumably the baker is the titular “Harry”. IMG_20171118_151412094 IMG_20171118_151405737

good for: I can easily see my dad eating this bread in a sandwich every day for years without ever asking himself whether he actually liked it.

I just think if you’re going to eat bread, eat bread with character. This bread offers nothing. My rating is 2.75 / 10.